If you learn to enjoy waiting you don’t have to wait to enjoy 

Kazuaki Tanahashi

I am lucky enough to live in an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows in my loungeroom and look out onto a large balcony with beautiful trees and greenery as a backdrop.

I am also blessed with visits from the local birdlife as I sit at my desk in the mornings waiting to recover from my December hip replacement surgery.   I can walk around now,  although my hip and lower back get very sore by early afternoon.   I have not ventured outdoors to do any Bird or Nature photography as I don’t want to carry any weight as yet and to be honest, I’m still in a lot of pain from other chronic health issues which the recent surgery ignited.

Sometimes I wonder what I’d do without the birds that greet my day and bless me with their chirping and cheeping.   There are 2 regular Spotted Turtle-doves which coo loudly as though to announce their arrival morning and afternoon.   They’ve kept me sane in the last couple of years being mostly housebound, in Melbourne’s long months of lockdown and now, in ‘recovery’ mode.

When I eventually get outdoors and we get a cooler summer day for walking, I hope to have some new images to share.

In the meantime, I started this new blog and deleted my old nature blog and am choosing some of my favourite quotes to pair with archival images.   Today, I’m bringing you some bird photos I shot with a long lens from my desk chair over the last week or so.


5 thoughts on “QUOTE – WAITING

  1. I’m glad you have these delightful beings nearby to keep you company. The photos show your love – beautiful light, sensitive compositions. I hope you keep getting stronger though I know it’s always a crooked path. But you’re enjoying the waiting. 😉
    (Kaz Tanahashi spent time at the NY Zen Community where I lived back in the 80s – he’s a smart, energetic person and it was fun to see that quote from him).

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    1. Thanks Lynn.
      The last couple of days have been pretty good, but with the temp 40C (104F) today, ‘m waiting for the cool change overnight and rain to go outdoors in this coming week. Then, laser surgery for a right eye retinal lens repair, so lately, I never seem to get outdoors at all.
      Keep your fingers crossed the laser surgery will be the last ‘hiccough’ in my life for a while. 2 years staying home has been so frustrating.


      1. That’s some serious heat! It’s one thing after another it seems, and I do hope that’s it for a long time! So frustrating! But it forces you to think of new ways to entertain yourself, right?

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