Every time you read a book, a tree smiles knowing that there is life after death.

Unknown author

NOTE: I’ve been dealing with some more serious health issues lately – hence the slowing down of posts.   I’ll be back online more regularly……..eventually.

13 thoughts on “QUOTE – TREES

    1. Thanks, Terry.

      No, it’s ongoing. Last week’s MRI results (received yesterday) show nerve compression at several levels on my lumbar spine (which has actually been getting worse for 2+ years anyway). It’s an undiagnosed and untreated teenage spinal condition that’s giving me trouble in old(er) age. Starting with a ‘pain clinic’ next Monday and then, depending on what that team of specialists prescribe, probably back to my old Neurosurgeon for a consultation too? It’s affecting my hip replacement recovery which still hurts too much to walk far). It’s not the hip actually, It’s the lumbar spine and severe inflammation which is extending to the hip. The recent hip Xray I took to my Orthopaedic surgeon shows the artificial hip is in perfect position. Nothing wrong there, except a bit of bursitis.
      Too many health conditions overlap and affect each other. Grrrr! 🙂

      The cameras are gathering dust.

      Thank goodness for the House Sparrows in the birdbath (about 5 feet from my desk chair). Highly entertaining.

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      1. The condition of the hip replacement is very good news. At the very least now it will not exacerbate the issues with your back, which it most probably was before.

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    1. Thank you, Alina. I spotted this quote only recently and it spoke to me in more than one way also. Thanks for your good wishes. Life’s full of twists and turns – I just wish they weren’t as dramatic as some of mine seem to be lately. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Tanja.
      This is a (new) temporary blog until I resolve my health issues which stop me from walking outdoors and making new photographs. I got bored with the old nature blog as I felt it was becoming rather mundane and repetitious.

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    1. Yes, still blogging intermittently on this (new) temporary blog, Eliza. Will get back to daily blogging when I’ve resolved my health issues enough to get outdoors taking some new nature photos (I hope).

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    1. Thanks Timo. Some days I have to give myself a good talking to. Have to remind myself of how lucky I am in life compared to chronic pain & illness sufferers who are bedbound or in wheelchairs. I’m also lucky in that I have a lovely outlook out my windows and not staring at 4 walls every day.

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