Autumn is the hardest season. 

The leaves are all falling, and they’re falling like 

they’re falling in love with the ground. 

Andrea Gibson

These imges were made on the 18th April 2014. My brother, who was driving me home after a visit to his farm, stopped at this tiny park near the top of the Dandenong Ranges – a low-lying group of hills overlooking the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

He knew I would capture plenty of Autumn colour. This group of hills is spectacular at this time of year and well worth a drive up the sharp winding roads on the way to the highest point of the hills (and beyond to the Victorian countryside).

Most of these trees would have been planted by the early settlers to the area (from seedlings brought out from the U.K. and Europe?) in the late 1800s or early 1900s i.e. they are not indigenous to the area, or Australia.

I had a brief 20-30 minutes to quickly shoot the series before the light faded and the sun dropped behind the hills and we continued the drive down to my home in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

Today, I couldn’t seem to get into the old Classic WordPress Editor at all, so I assume WordPress have (finally?) ditched that easy method of uploading images (and a post) which I used previously.

I do not like this tedious, multi-keystroke method of uploading a post – partly because it seemed to take several steps to upload just one photo. I couldn’t click on each photo in my media library with the ‘command’ key held down on my Mac and transfer all the images in one step. I guess I’ll have to do a tutorial.

I updated my iMac software a couple of days ago, but that doesn’t seem to have changed my day-to-day computer tasks, so I naturally assume it’s all WordPress.

I never liked this WordPress software design or method of posting when it was first introduced, so have been happily using the old Classic method for many months, but now………… $%#@!

19 thoughts on “QUOTE – NATURE

  1. It’s strange to look at fall images on (here) Easter Sunday (Happy Easter to those who celebrate!). Beautiful images and story. Thanks for sharing.

    As for WP, I’ve been using the WP block editor for a while now. It takes some getting used to, but it’s definitely doable. Plus, I’m still learning and discovering something new every time I use it.

    Again, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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  2. I’m still using the Classic editor. It is possible. I have the instructions ready for a copy and paste if you want them; they’ve worked for several other people, so they ought to work for you. I don’t think operating system or platform makes a difference.

    Your photos are glorious. I read that you’ve just set your clocks back, so even that step into autumn’s been taken. The colors are wonderful, but I really like the next-to-last photo. It reminds me of Robert Frost’s two paths in a woods, although his paths diverged rather than crossing!

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    1. Thanks, Linda. Could you please copy & paste for me in a reply to this comment? Someone else might like to use them too. I manage to use the block editor, but only by trial and error and it’s tedious to say the least.

      If the classic editor you are using is tedious also, I’m tempted to find another blogging platform (or at least wait until I have more free time). Medical appointments and waiting for my new desk & chairs to arrive (I’m working on a tiny table in front of an armchair at the moment) seem to slow down any computer work for me anyway.

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  3. OK, here we go. This is a two step process. First, you need to get to the old Admin menu, and then you can get to the Classic editor.

    First, open WP and click on your avatar in the top right of your home page — your image, contained inside the circle next to the bell.Your profile page will open. On the left side, click on ‘account settings.’

    Scroll down to ‘Interface settings’ and look for the slide bar under ‘Dashboard settings.’ Slide that until it’s a solid color, then save the page. You should have the old Admin menu.

    On the admin menu at the left side, hover above the third icon down: the pushpin labeled ‘Posts.’
    At that point, DO NOT click on “Add New.” That will take you to the Block editor.
    Instead, click on “Posts” or “All Posts.” That will open a page with a different “Add New” link at the top left, with a drop-down arrow next to it.

    Click on the arrow, and you have a choice between the Block editor and the Classic editor. Click “Classic,” and you’re in business!

    Notice that on the page listing all your posts, both published and draft, if you hover over a title, you can choose to edit in the classic editor. That option will appear right below the title.

    Once I got it down, it’s easy as can be. Since I post so often, I leave the “All Posts” page open in my browser as a tab. All I have to do is click on it, and I’m ready to go.

    I hope that makes sense, and is helpful!

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    1. Linda, I got stuck on the slide bar under Dashboard settings and after 3 attempts, managed to move that slide bar and save it. I always keep all my regular screens/sites bookmarked with WordPress logged in on each of my 2 sites, so now it looks like all’s well.

      Thanks for your help 🙂

      I might add, all the rest of your instructions under this sidebar step I’m familiar with (as I used to get into the classic editor via ALL POSTS too).

      I have to also admit I’m not interested in learning the new block editor at the moment. In fact, I probably never will. One of the joys in enforced retirement is doing everything the easiest way possible to cause the least amount of pain and fatigue.

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      1. Good. I can’t remember, but I think I might have had to make a couple of runs at the slidebar, too. Like you, I prefer sticking with what’s easy and what works. I’m not averse to a challenge, but learning the block editor’s pretty far down on my list of challenges that seem worth accepting.

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    1. Thanks Susan, I think WordPress would be surprised how many of us still want to use the
      classic Editor. I still have no idea why they designed such a tedious and convoluted new block editor. It’s so easy and quick to use the old one.


    1. Yes, I left Linda’s (shoreacres) instructions up in case someone else wanted them. I could always get into the old classic editor before. But it was the first instruction in Linda’s list that linked me back in again.
      I’m too fatigued these days to concentrate and get used to the tedious block editor.


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