4 thoughts on “QUOTE – LIFE

  1. I didn’t recognize the name of Grizz Chapman. When I looked him up, I had to smile at the contrast between his size and this comment. He’s a big man, and yet he appreciates the little little things!

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    1. As do I, Linda.
      With his height, you’d think he wouldn’t see the little things at all. I was surprised to read he was 7 feet tall 🙂


    1. Thanks Otto. I’d never heard of Grizz Chapman until I saw this quote and then, of course, I had to look him up on Google and see who he was.

      Not many birds around at the moment, but I do have a new couple of ‘bird’ shots to post over the weekend. I actually went for a short walk on Wednesday with my long telephoto lens. Still painful walking since I had the hip replacement last December, but doing the 10 minute walk down to the local river and back home is something. Fine days towards the end of next week, so I’ll try again. Between the hip replacement, more spinal surgery on the horizon and both shoulders with torn ligaments, I was surprised to find I could hold the heavy lens steady at all.

      Our weather has changed dramatically to chilly nights and cold winds.

      Hope you and your family are well and keeping safe.

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