11 thoughts on “QUOTE – THE GOLDEN HOUR

  1. I’ve never heard that quotation, and I like it. Sometimes I grow a little weary of beautiful native plants being called ‘weeds’ just because someone doesn’t want them around. Your juxtaposition of the golden light and the golden grasses is wonderful — and so is that dog. It looks as though it couldn’t be happier.

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    1. Thank you, Linda. That’s my younger brother’s dog and he seemed to be sharing the beautiful light through the window as much as me.


    1. I reposted that doggie shot of ‘Badger’ with you in mind, actually, Alina. I often wish I got up early enough to see that golden light in my current apartment location too, but alas I’ve only managed it once in the 4 1/2 years I’ve lived here.

      The light disappears so quickly on my western side of the river valley.


    1. I don’t look as much as I used to, Tanja, but I do receive quite a lot of ‘golden hour’ light on the plants that were on my balcony as well as the Japanese Maple in front of my balcony. Best view of the golden hour is at the top of my hill looking across to Melbourne’s CBD and tall offices and apartment buildings in the distance. Looks like all the buildings are painted with gold paint.

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