7 thoughts on “QUOTE – LIFE

    1. The shadow almost looks like a child’s drawing of a girl with a stick arm about to throw the dead autumn leaf away (hence me using this image for this particular quote).

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    1. Thank you, Otto. Many of the archival images which I pair with some of my favourite quotes immediately resonate with me. Sometimes I wonder whether readers just see the photo subject OR see what I do and why I’ve connected this particular image to this particular quote.

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    1. I didn’t actually advertise when I deleted the old nature blog and started this (temporary) one, Peggy. Interesting that only a few followers (from those 1000+ on the old blog) made the effort to click on my gravatar to see whether it went to another blog or link. This is a temporary blog when I’ve got a spare moment to browse my ‘favourite’ quote folder and see if I have an archived image that comes to mind, to combine.
      Have been either busy or with medical appointments or just in too much pain and fatigued (aka awake half the night and sleeping half the day) to keep up a regular blog at the moment. So glad to see you back online too 🙂


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