6 thoughts on “QUOTE – GARDEN

  1. This is that interesting point where its impossible at first glance to know: spring or fall? The colors are wonderful. I grew up with big maples in the front yard, but I don’t remember those rustling. Maybe they were the strong, silent type.

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    1. I love your phrase the strong, silent type. All the trees pretty much rustle where I live. The steep road seems to form a wind tunnel effect.

      It was also very, very windy where I lived on the south-east side of the city next to the Royal Botanic Gardens. I started photography with a DSLR and macro lens (only) because I wanted to photograph flowers, but I quickly went on to buy a small telephoto lens 3 months later to photograph birds as they stood still longer than the flowers in the area 😀

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    1. The ‘best’ example of rustling I ever heard was the pear tree near my brother’s house in the country. It was just like a whole lot of dried peas being shaken up in a wooden container.

      It’s very windy where I live halfway down the river valley hillside, so the leaves rustle nearly every day.

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