QUOTE – Life

It’s like driving a car at night. 

You never see further than your headlights,

but you can make the whole trip that way.

 Doctorow, 1931 – 2015, American novelist

Note:  The series of images below were made travelling home in a bus from South Melbourne.   As I was sitting in the front seat I made random shots along the way on a very dark night and, at a guess, I would say I had the Sony a6000 ‘mirrorless’ on the Intelligent Auto setting as it takes great dusk and sunset images and I thought it had the best chance of capturing something.

In fact, capturing anything at all (was my aim).

I ended up with the camera automatically going up to a very high ISO and heaps of noise (or graininess) in the images.

I also ended up with many blurred images when the bus hit a bump in the road.  By the time I arrived home, I’d learned how many bumps and ‘potholes’ there actually were in some urban roads around Melbourne   😀

I’ve never shared them before as I thought ‘the noise’ reduced the quality and they were just not good enough (to share), but now, as I review them in June 2021, I love them for the moodiness they convey – almost looking like paintings, rather than photos.


In the image below, the bus had stopped at a red light and I managed to get a sharper focus on the shop window (with the trees and setting sun reflecting on the bus door window).


The images below were made as I left the centre of Melbourn’s CBD (central business district) and passed closer to Port Melbourne, eventually crossing the Maribyrnong River into the inner western suburbs and my home location.

While all of us amateur (and professional?) photographers like sharply focused images, perhaps soft focus is just as good in storytelling.

Life isn’t perfect and we all have our problems and unique stories to share.