Rivers know this: There is no hurry. We shall get there.

A.A. Milne

YARRA RIVER, ABBOTSFORD – Image made whilst walking along the riverside trail in the valley below my (clifftop) previous apartment in Melbourne’s inner north-east suburb of Abbotsford.    I had to leave this beautiful area due to constant (false) fire alarms in my building and having to walk down 8 flights of stairs (with a bad ankle/hip and heart condition) among several other reasons.  About 8-9 shrieking fire alarms over a period of 20 months.   The last false fire alarm was too much for me and I caught the lift down and out the fire escape door instead of using the fire exit stairs.   Too bad if the lift had broken down or there’d been a real fire.   😀

Who would have thought that wonderful ultra-modern apartment with a lift and scenic location: walking trails on both sides of the river, including nature reserve and parkland on the other side of the river, would eventually prove to have such prohibitive living conditions.    I’ve moved apartments for both jobs and financial reasons over the last 40 years and at least 6 locations have been beside nature reserves, walking trails and rivers.   I have been so lucky in this aspect.   I still occasionally look at apartment property rentals in that area to see if there’s a ground floor apartment vacant (for rent).   I think that home location was one of the best areas I’ve lived in (except for next to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne’s inner south-east next to the Yarra River leading into Melbourne city).

The oldest rocks exposed in Yarra Bend Park are marine sandstone and mudstone from over 400 million years ago. An excellent display of these sediments is at the cliff face at Dights Falls, showing faults and folds, layering and ripple beds of exposed ancient seabeds (image above).

Lava flows from volcanic activity 2.2 million years ago and again about 800, 000 years ago, introduced basalt soils to the Park allowing a wider range of vegetation.

Note: I currently live in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

I’ve been a bit under the weather with an allergic and rather painful reaction to my 2nd Moderna vaccination last Wednesday (which I didn’t get from the 1st ‘jab’ I might add), so haven’t been using that arm very much and have been offline a wee bit in the last week or so.   Too many blogs I follow to catch up on, but this morning, the swelling and fiery-red rash has gone down somewhat, so hope this improvement continues…….and who could have anticipated that my whole lower body would become one mammoth ‘itching’ ground.

I don’t remember reading about this side-effect of the Moderna vaccine.

Looking at my image archives have been much more interesting than watching the latest news of virus variant outbreaks, weird weather…..snow, flood, hurricane, tornado, volcano eruption etc on TV now, hasn’t it?

I never thought I’d say this (being anti-modern technology), but have to admit it’s been a godsend after being mostly housebound for 3 years.

Here are some more images from the northeast of inner Melbourne.

13 thoughts on “QUOTE – LIFE

    1. I felt really ill and my daily headache exacerbated, Tracey. But today, finally, there seems to be a noticable improvement (thank goodness).
      I’m so used to being unwell, in pain and weird symtoms, so I shouldn’t have been surprised at the 2nd vaccine’s side effects. Last night I had such a sore R wrist (FM flare ?) which I hadn’t had in ages……years even. Still got a painful upper chest from the heart surgery which was 4 1/2 months ago. I wish it would go away.

      I liked the wooden floor boards in that apartment also. You never know, I might move again one day. A change is as good as a holiday in my book LOL. 😀

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      1. Oh no, Vicki. I hope the crappiness is short-lived. The whole combo would not be helping. You must be looking forward to a stroll among the trees. Thankfully it it is not too hot so you may have a good strolling weather ahead of you.
        Maybe you could stay in a posh hotel rather than selling your apartment when the wanderlust comes over you, lol. 🤣

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      2. I’ve always rented, Tracey. I’ve moved around too much and never been able to afford to buy in Melbourne’s hot property market. If I had a partner to share the cost, that might be different I guess.
        Being a renter means I’ve been lucky enough to move apartments when I’ve needed to and changed jobs when I wanted to. I should have bought a property before I travelled overseas in my 20s.
        I wouldn’t know what to do staying in a posh hotel. LOL. 😀 I like to be free to wander and change direction every 7 years or so.

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    1. Thankyou. I’ve got so many images in my archives and filing has completely escaped me in the last couple of years, despite being at home under all our lockdowns. But there’s whole series of really good shots I lost after my old computer crashed. I’ve got an old back-up drive but I’ll wait until I have a few more things wrong with my computer before arranging a technician to come to my home and see if he can salvage anything. The old back-up drive wouldn’t connect properly so I need an expert to look at the files.


    1. Thanks Peggy. Today has been much better thankyou. I can even lift my arm over shoulder height today too. The itchiness must have been part of the allergy reaction though. Overall, the ‘symptoms’ were much, much worse than the minor side effects for a couple of days after the first jab. Maybe I even had an allergy to something else beside the vaccination? The pain and heat on the raised red skin was nasty and the severe headache worse than a migraine. But I felt so ill I nearly went back to bed and I NEVER stay in bed when ill (even after surgery in a hospital). Hopefully, I’ll be back to normal soon.

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  1. Well, now. I had the Moderna vaccine, too. The first shot gave me no side effects. The second wasn’t so pleasant; I ended up with fever, fatigue, muscle aches, headache — the whole deal. But with the booster, there was none of that — there was only some significant itching for a couple of days around the area where I’d had the shot. It was ‘itchy’ enough that I looked online to see if it was a usual side effect of the booster, and it seems it can be. Mine was gone in a couple of days, along with the redness around the injection site. I hope you’re well recovered by now!

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    1. Sorry to hear you also had a reaction to the 2nd Moderna vaccination, Linda, but pleased to hear you recovered quickly. I was very nervous about the possibility of myocarditis as I still have 3 other heart conditions. Secondly, I am allergic to the weirdest things (as well as the common gluten/dairy/soy/legume sensitivity and many drug allergies).

      I am about 85% better now at day 8, but was really bad for 6 days. Worse than the listed possible side-effects. Had a couple of scary moments with severe chest/heart pain. My lower body itchiness was so extreme, I scratched my shins in several places and my legs were bleeding (profusely since I am on blood thinners). Itching around the vaccination site was funny really. It was alongside severe pain. How can one be severely itchy and in bad pain at the same time 😀

      Next cool, but clear, sunny day is Saturday, so hopefully I’m up for a short walk with my camera(s). Sunday will be sunny, but too hot (27C) for me to be outdoors.

      Any short walk still requires prescription analgesics so no pain-free days for me. I always have to choose…..do I want to stay home in comfort most of the day, or am I so desperate for fresh air and some bird photography, that I’m willing to take hefty doses of prescription analgesia and the possibility of severe pain half that night.

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  2. Wow, what a fantastic rock formation! And what a colorful group of images, it makes me long for spring. Well, we will get there! I hope your 2nd shot reaction has quieted down – we both had reactions to our 2nd Moderna shots but it didn’t last long at all. My partner reacted to the booster for about a day, I didn’t at all, and I can be sensitive to things. Feel better!


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