COMMON STARLING (Sturnus vulgaris)

Common they may be, but when you see a Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) cloaked in breeding plumage in the late afternoon light, or Golden Hour, you can’t help but admire them as a very attractive bird.

They’re a rather plump bird with a short tail and characteristic triangular wings in flight.

In breeding season, which is when I photographed them from some distance away, their iridescent sheen was very obvious.

I must admit to not having noticed them prior to this past September when they were out and about in some numbers.

Hopefully, one day, I’ll get some close-up images to share online.  You may have to zoom in close to see their lovely feathers in the images above.


3 thoughts on “COMMON STARLING (Sturnus vulgaris)

  1. Ah, ha! Now I know why there wasn’t a place to leave a comment on your post about the mystery tree — at least, I think I know. It must have been part of that collection of WP glitches/difficulties. At any rate, I think your tree a couple of posts back might have been Mugo Pine. No, I don’t know much about trees, and almost nothing about Australian trees, but I took some photos with my plant identification app, and all of them said the same: Mugo Pine.

    As for the starlings: I really like them. I have a small group that visits my feeders every day. I put out a handful of dried mealworms; they adore those, and leave the rest of the seed alone.

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    1. Took me a while to actually turn on the COMMENT button, Linda. By that time, I also discovered the LIKE button was not showing either. I had to ask Mr Google about how to turn the LIKE button on. Turned out to be some weird set-up that I’d never seen in ‘Marketing’. Wouldn’t you think it would be under SETTINGS? I’m sure the old software had it somewhere under SETTINGS.

      The new(ish) WordPress software still remains a mystery to me. I’ve given up adding any more widgets and setting up some pages for the time being. I’ll have another look at the new software later. I didn’t end up changing the Theme so you would think the LIKE and COMMENT buttons would still be the same as previously.

      I just checked the flower of the Mugo Pine in Google images and they aren’t the same as mine. Also, mine doesn’t have the pine cone-looking seed pod either, but my leaves or spikes look like pine. When I get more mobile, I’ll walk down to the bush/tree again (20 feet from my back gate) and try for some more images. From a distance, the whole tree shape almost looks like a cactus. It’s quite tall. About 12+ feet. Maybe it’s several trees clumped together. My images of the tree are actually quite good in revealing its branches and that tiny flower(?) thing.

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