Help me choose an image(s) for a Minimalism competition.  Some of the following are not necessarily minimalist,  but I like them all the same.

….and the final minimalist shot has always been my favourite.





  1. The photo of the dew or rain covered fronds at the top is my favorite. While I’m not a huge fan of black and white, of those photos, I’d choose what looks to be a chair in front of a curtain of light. Very nice.

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    1. No, that monotone shot is my fridge as the late afternoon sun reflects off it. I have a small galley kitchen at the end of the lounge and the floor-to-ceiling windows allow a lot of light at a certain time of day. I usually pull the block-out blinds down halfway to reduce the heat from the summer sun and this allows certain items in the room to catch shafts of light or deep shadows.
      I think the ‘frond’ first shot is of an Aloe of some kind and one of the first photos I took when doing close-ups.

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  2. Omg! These are beautiful images. As you might already know, I love, love b&w and split lighting, too. Hence, my favorites are:

    – the first b&w one is quite intriguing and mysterious. (I’m curious about the title. I couldn’t see one.)

    – the still life is a great one, too; classic still-life image, yet mysterious; nice!

    – the third b&w image is also captured using split lighting and it comes with all that contrast; again, intriguing

    – I do agree, my favorite is also the last one, the bottle. It has it all–split lighting, b&w, amazing contrast, and is a minimalist image.

    Fingers crossed! 🙂

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    1. The first B & W is part of my last light collection. It is a shaft of late afternoon sun hitting my fridge. The rest of the galley kitchen is in deep shadow.
      The melons in a wooden bowl is a favourite, although not really ‘minimalism’.
      Then there’s the Buddha statue and the tiny fragment of light hitting the mineral water bottle.
      I think the entry will be the 1st shot of the raindrops on the aloe plant and/or the last B & W. I suppose I could enter 3-4 as there’s no limit on entries. Depends on the judges I suppose.

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    1. The last 2 images (B & W) were low-light images anyway, but you can easily make the less lit areas of the bottle disappear by increasing the black point in the Mac’s in-house photo editing software. I don’t use PS, Lightroom or other photo editing software. I’ve got it but don’t have the eyesight or energy to do much photo editing these days.

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