What DO birds do when it’s raining and they can’t dry their feathers out?

A very wet and bedraggled Common Minor(Acridotheres tristis) ponders that very question.

I think the Common Myna in the next image was getting a ‘blowdry’ in the wind………

……….right back to sleek and well-groomed (below).


We’ve had so much rain here in Melbourne again, that one could be forgiven for thinking it was winter.  We even had snow up on the higher mountains the first week of Summer!   I’ve been watching YouTubes late at night of extremely heavy snowfalls around the world and despite loving the snow, I’ve been thankful we don’t get snow in Melbourne (Australia).

Will this extreme weather ever end I ask myself?   Will we ever get 4 clear seasons in a year?   Although Melbourne is known for getting 4 seasons of weather in one day (in recent years).


11 thoughts on “What DO birds do when it’s raining and they can’t dry their feathers out?

  1. I had a couple of bluejays recently who’d spent a little too much time in the rain; my goodness, they were bedraggled! We’re in line for rain again on Monday, but by Thursday afternoon, it’s going to be winter. We’re going to drop from 70F to 30F in the space of about four hours, if the weather gurus are right. In any event, we’re in for the first hard freeze of the year — right in time for Christmas. It’s going to be a dry front, though, so it shouldn’t be too troublesome. The most trouble’s going to be dragging the plants inside. At least I’ve reduced their number enough that it won’t look like a greenhouse in here!

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      1. This time around, it looks like a dry front — what we call a ‘blue norther.’ No rain or snow, which makes things tolerable. Arctic air rolls down from the poles, and in its wake, the skies are the most beautiful blue imaginable. How do I work on boats in those conditions? I don’t! I can work happily down to about 7C, and still varnish when it’s 12-13C, but once it gets any colder than that, it’s time to lurk around the warmth of the computer with a cup of coffee. I worked today, and varnished at 11C, but there was sun and no wind, and it was pleasant enough.

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    1. Thanks, Peggy.

      I spent ages looking through the archives, but couldn’t find the image I wanted of the Cormorant, but the 3 images in this post made a little story anyway.

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    1. Summer starts on the 1st December in Australia, Rudi. The weather is very strange indeed.. Its the rain and floods that have well and truly broken our long drought. It seems only a few years ago the water catchments were very dry and some towns running out of water. These days the water catchments and dams are overflowing and the ground so wet, it can hold no more water and crops are being wiped out.

      But we’re getting a warm and sunny stretch starting this week, so here’s hoping the summer has finally arrived.

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      1. I hope so for you…. when I read about all the misery you have. For us in Europe, summer start on the 21th of june (every season starts actualy on the 21th) The meteorologic seasons start a bit earlier too.
        The last years we suffered from dry summers and the winter months did’nt bring enough water to recover. So every part of the world has it”s own problems but yours sound so much severe.

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    1. I suppose you’re correct in that, but it is a shame we no longer have 4 distinct seasons.

      It was so easy to plan, and even, get dressed in the morning knowing that winter will be cold and wet and summer will be hot and humid.

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