ARTICHOKE THISTLE, cardoon (Cynara cardunculus)

This is one of those random posts that pop up occasionally purely and simply because the images turned out well and exactly how I wanted them to appear.

Having a fence to sit the camera on was a bonus.  (or should I say actually having a camera in my bag after an appointment was a bonus as I rarely take a camera out shopping or for medical appointments these days).   When I lived on the southeast side of the city, I always took my 3 cameras out for a walk as I inevitably walked around, through or near the Royal Botanic Gardens or beautiful old residential gardens on that side of the city.

The Artichoke Thistle as it’s often called is a very stout perennial, up to 1.5 metres high with striking purple flowers.

I was walking down my steep road on the way home when the bright flowers caught my eye.

It is declared a noxious weed in Victoria (my state), Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.   The leaves are very large and I was pleased to be able to lean over the black metal fence separating the enormous grass-covered field and my housing estate and capture the lovely purple flowers.


10 thoughts on “WILD ARTICHOKE or ARTICHOKE THISTLE or CARDOON (Cynara cardunculus L.)

    1. I’m not fond of spiky plants (including cacti), but I do have a surprising number of photos of them. There’s another Artichoke Thistle near my back gate and I’m amazed at the gorgeous rich colour of the flowers this year. Must be all that rain. 🙂

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    1. I’d say that plant is fully grown in height and long spikes. Still it’s a welcome splash of colour at this time of year. I’m surprised the landowners haven’t pulled it out.

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    1. I agree about not touching, but it did prove an interesting subject to photograph. I was trying to capture those prickles and leaves and was happy with the resulting image(s).

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