WATER, WATER……everywhere

I was so impressed with the narration and broad views of the landscape showing the floods in Renmark, South Australia, that I thought it worthwhile sharing here.

Beautifully captured and edited (just fast-forward those annoying ads).

This YouTube was originally shared by Annie on her blog Eremophila’s Musings

These floods are similar to what the east coast of Australia has been experiencing.

The YouTube is fairly long to watch but well worth viewing right to the end.


11 thoughts on “WATER, WATER……everywhere

    1. Wasn’t it a good YouTube video, Peggy. The man used his drone camera to good effect to give us a broad view of the extent of the floods in the area. Much better than the news.

      To be honest I thought the floods were just on the east coast and this video was a real eye-opener for me. I do so hope the levees held and no houses flooded.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this video Vicki as it gives us a good impression of the situation. Images we do not see in television here. Now we understand much better what is going on and it is realy unbeleavable. It’s a real struggle to fight the water and to try to protect the townships. Strange to hear at this very moment that for we had the warmest and most dry year in 30 years. As I already said before, I wish you all the best and stay safe !

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    1. I know there have been other floods (and record-breaking snow) in other parts of the world, but this YouTube gave such a good view of the landscape from that drone camera.

      There are dozens of towns flooded, several times in the one year now. The river flooding behind my apartment block has still left water across the low-lying field. The ground is so saturated that any rain has nowhere to go. A neighbour took me to the eye specialist last Thursday and we had a glimpse of the remaining water at the bottom of the slope behind my apartment building..

      Very warm to hot temps all this week and over Christmas will, hopefully, dry some of the sodden ground alongside my river and in other parts of Eastern Australia.

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  2. Thanks for the repost Vicki, it seems to have garnered interest. I visited Mannum, another river town, a few weeks ago and took photos of the town preparing. Many of these places rely on summer visitors, so it’s a double whammy. In a brighter note, dragonflies are abundant everywhere even in some drier areas.


    1. You’re welcome, Annie. 🙂
      I’ll have to keep a lookout for the dragonflies. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent trying to photograph them in the Royal Botanic Gardens over the years. Usually, February was always the month for spotting them.


  3. The video was well worth reposting. As I mentioned to Annie, drones really have increased our ability to appreciate the scope of events like this: ‘appreciate’ in the sense of understanding, rather than ‘liking.’

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