My computer has Gremlins

My computer is playing up.   Must be Gremlins or a hacker?


12 thoughts on “My computer has Gremlins

    1. Don’t know, Tracy. I start typing a sentence in a new post and a sidebar pops up and starts moving around the screen (which it’s doing right now). Weird.


  1. What kind of sidebar is it? If it’s your taskbar (the one that keeps all the icons and such) be sure it’s locked. Until I figured that one out, mine would leap from bottom to top to side. If it seems to be connected to WordPress — who knows? Gremlins is as good an explanation as any!

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    1. Not that sidebar, Linda, but thanks for the suggestion. Mine always stays on the lefthand side of the screen (where I put it).

      Gosh, the sidebar is doing it again and I’ve only just got up. Must be a WordPress loophole.

      I feel like Alice (in Wonderland) who has just fallen down the rabbit hole. 😀

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      1. Take a look at this, from a forum discussion:

        “It appears you’ve adjusted the overall width of the site and the sidebar float is being affected. The sidebar normally ‘floats’ on the left or right, but can move below content when the width of the elements within is larger than the container surrounding them.

        For example, your main content width is currently 844px (not including the padding on the left and right). The primary content area is set to be 550px wide and the widget (sidebar) content area is set to be 364px.
        550 + 364 = 914. Your total for this will need to equal 844px across to make sure the sidebar isn’t pushed to the bottom.

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    2. Thanks for the suggestion, Linda. The only thing I can think of (that I changed), was the JPEG quality of the images I upload to the WordPress Media Library. (not the size, just the quality).

      As I type this reply, a sidebar jumps in and the box I’m currently typing in jumps to the top of the screen and I have to scroll down to finish typing the sentence in the box. Also, some letters of every word I type don’t register (like when I flooded my keyboard with a cup of coffee) except that I didn’t spill anything on the keyboard recently.

      I might go to the nearby Apple Store after Christmas and spend the money on a new Keyboard to see if that improves things AND take the JPEG quality of image uploading from ‘maximum’ back to ‘high’.

      Now done, but I lost half the above sentence as I was typing and had to retype it. Like I said, Gremlins.

      For the benefit of anyone else reading this reply, when I was still working full-time my boss said he’d never met anyone who had so many computer problems. I’d do a procedure 3-4 times with my boss standing behind me and it wouldn’t work. Then my boss would sit in my chair and the procedure would work immediately. Secondly, my watch always runs 2 minutes fast and no watch repairer or jeweller can find anything wrong with it. It happened to the 2 previous watches also. Must be some sort of electrical energy beamed down from an alien spaceship 😀


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