Seasons Greetings

As you go dashing through the busy holiday season, take time to appreciate the true blessings of Christmas – the moments with family, the companionship of friends, and the fellowship with all.

Keep safe and healthy.



……..and dare I say it out loud.  WordPress seems to have settled down this morning and the Gremlins have moved on to cooler climates and someone else’s computer.  I’m keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed it remains that way.

Heatwave over the lower half of Australia this week, but I’m thinking of all those housebound through that Siberian front that hangs over the northern areas of North America bringing massive snowfalls and freezing conditions.   I think one YouTube said the temperature was going to drop to as low as -57 F ?  Or did I mishear the international news?



  1. The Dakotas, Minnesota and Montana (as well as parts of Canada) get temps that cold in winter. We’re a bit more temperate … our low tonight will be 8ºF (-15C) I hope Santa has a heater in his sleigh! Merry Christmas!

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    1. Thanks, Eliza. Good to hear from you. I was trying to remember where all my blogging friends from the U.S. and Canada lived, but I admit I’m hopeless in the memory department these days.
      Keep safe and warm. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Tracy.

      I re-set up the large plastic dish for a splashing pool for the Sparrows yesterday (as opposed to the tiny winter water bowl). A few pebbles stacked up to make for a good ‘jetty’ in to the middle make a good standing/drinking platform for my feathered friends. And I’ve mounted a soil sieve upside down overhead to make some shade for the birds in the absence of anything else to use.

      I must say the sparrows have been having a great time splashing around already. Tuesday it is going to be 37C in Melbourne, so the birds will flock to Vicki’s swimming pool all day I guess.

      It’s getting a bit hot for me even today, so am glad for the air conditioner in these modern apartments.


  2. Have a lovely Christmas day Vicki and enjoy the warm summer weather (I hope not too hot). Indeed North Amerika suffers from extreme winter conditions… Our mother Earth is behaving very strange !

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    1. Thanks, Rudi. I hope your Christmas is enjoyable with friends and family gathered round. I presume you have a white Christmas in the northern hemisphere?
      Yes, Mother Earth is very strange these days. I think she’s fed up with the way the humans have been damaging or destroying all her worldly goods and leaving toxic chemicals in her seas and landfill.

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  3. People show not enough respect for our planet, that’s for sure ! These are the consequenses of civilication….
    We had a warm (+10°C) Christmas and it rained whole day and night (soft rain that we can use after the dry summer).

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  4. Happy festive season to you too, Vicki, hopefully not unbearably hot. I hope you have a trouble free year, and I look forward to more of you musings in 2023.

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    1. Thank you, Jane.

      Hope your day was enjoyable on Sunday. Hot today at 38C so I watered the few potted plants and topped up the bird bath early. Left the door open for an hour or so to let some fresh air waft in and then everything shut up tight and the air conditioner switched on.

      The sun comes over the apartment building to me on the west side around midday, but doesn’t actually hit the lounge windows until approximately 2.00pm, then it’s very, very hot until dusk or even dark.

      Hope it’s a bit cooler up in Mudgee. 🙂

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      1. It is a bit cooler here, and still possible to sit outside until late afternoon. One of the benefits of living in the Central Tablelands is having cool nights, so it’s easy to sleep. Things have certainly dried out though and I have to remember to water the pots regularly.

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    1. Thanks, Lynn,
      Summer’s definitely arrived, but now, a bit hot for me outdoors. 🙂

      What crazy weather we’re having, but I guess your weather is just the same.

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      1. Everywhere. It’s scary, isn’t it? We’re out of balance. We’ve gone too far. Time will tell if we can get back to a more sane, balanced life that respects all the rest of life on this planet. OK, I’ll get off the soapbox!

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