Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well. 
Naya Rivera

Back to December 2010 for this series of images.   I can picture the scene now.  This butterfly was captured by my little Canon PowerShot A3000 IS (prior to buying my first Canon DSLR at the end of that same month).   Who says a little inexpensive Point & Shoot camera isn’t as good as an expensive DSLR.

The location was near an archway right next to the entrance to The Herb Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne.  The colourful Lantana was in full bloom and a shaft of sunlight lit up the flowers and Australian Painted Lady butterfly.


10 thoughts on “AUSTRALIAN PAINTED LADY (Vanessa kershawi)

  1. You did very, very well with your Powershot! These photos are familiar because we have Painted Lady butterflies in the states that look almost exactly the same…and many gardeners here also have Lantana so I bet I saw a Painted Lady on a Lantana at some point in the past. 🙂

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  2. Actually, that first camera, the Powershot, took incredibly good photos for its low price of Aust$150.
    I actually think some of those early photos are better than my later ones with the Canon DSLR.
    Interestingly enough, when I tried that tiny camera out many years later, I couldn’t hold it still enough as it was too lightweight and I had now gotten accustomed to the heavier DSLR and telephoto lenses.

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    1. My partner has one and he likes it. His was so small that he left it in a pants pocket and it went through the laundry! It didn’t survive. 😉 But he bought another one. I can imagine the difference between holding the Powershot and the DLR with a telephoto is night and day.

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