It’s been a while since I last posted, but health issues have taken over my life again as they did before retirement (due to chronic pain & ill health) in February 2010.

Every time I dive into my archives and/or favourite quote folder, I end up lost for about 3 hours and never able to decide which image(s) to share.

(by the way, getting side-tracked from my original task on any given day is one of my ‘health’ problems.  My intermittent Brain Fog and inability to make decisions in the last couple of years annoy me intensely).

Today, instead of nature images, I’ll share a series of images from my ‘architecture’ photo folder for a change.



9 thoughts on “ARCHITECTURE

    1. Thank you, Eliza.
      It’s usually the details (of anything) that catch my photographer’s eye.

      That Heavenly Queen temple image is the only one left of about 30 that I took that day. They all disappeared over a couple of computer crashes (when the backup would transfer all my phone library). Beats me why one image transferred and another one taken moments later wouldn’t transfer.


    1. Thanks, Rudi.

      Melbourne has a rather curious mix of architectural styles for its brief 180+ year history. I hope the authorities keep encouraging restoration as much as new construction.

      My architecture photo folder needs lots of updating too. I can think of many shots that are not filed. 🙂

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  1. The city does have it’s own charm, which you’ve shown nicely here Vicki. I’d love to visit for a day, if only I could snap my fingers and be central instantly, and as quickly leave when needed. But I’m hesitant about visiting Bendigo and that’s much smaller!

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  2. What a terrific, electic collection. It gives a wonderfully interesting view of the city; the mix of styles really appeals to me. The mosaic work, the vaulted ceiling detail, and the grillwork are my favorites — craft and artistry perfectly combined.

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