I’m always in a rush to go home

And do absolutely nothing


Note:   Despite the intermittent storms & flooding this past Summer, the grass surrounding my home is dry as a bone.

Bush fire material is abundant in and around Melbourne, its suburbs and further out to the countryside and mountains.


2 thoughts on “QUOTE – GOING HOME

  1. I’ve read a couple of reports about brush fires in your general area, and in fact checked the maps to see how close to Melbourne they were. And I grinned at the quotation; isn’t that just the truth?

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    1. I rarely watch the TV anymore, so unless it’s in my YouTube feed or on the YouTube news, I may not know there’s a grass fire in my area. Though I am supersensitive to odours and smoke, I guess I’d smell a grass/bush fire before I saw it on the news.

      Now, I rarely go outdoors, so when I get home from medical appointments and errands, I just want to sit down and do nothing because I’m tired or my pain level is so much worse.

      I’m very lucky in some ways as I sit down and have no other commitments and can literally do nothing for long periods.

      I used to spend hours (as you know) sitting, doing nothing but watching the small birds play in the bird bath.

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