What DO birds do when it’s raining and they can’t dry their feathers out?

A very wet and bedraggled Common Minor(Acridotheres tristis) ponders that very question.

I think the Common Myna in the next image was getting a ‘blowdry’ in the wind………

……….right back to sleek and well-groomed (below).


We’ve had so much rain here in Melbourne again, that one could be forgiven for thinking it was winter.  We even had snow up on the higher mountains the first week of Summer!   I’ve been watching YouTubes late at night of extremely heavy snowfalls around the world and despite loving the snow, I’ve been thankful we don’t get snow in Melbourne (Australia).

Will this extreme weather ever end I ask myself?   Will we ever get 4 clear seasons in a year?   Although Melbourne is known for getting 4 seasons of weather in one day (in recent years).