PRICKLY HIBISCUS CREEPER (Hibiscus surattensis L.)

PORTRAIT SIZE IMAGE (cropped a little by the looks of it)

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be working on re-editing and/or filing my macro images from early 2011, so I hope to find some to share (again?) online.

There are also a few lovely shots made with the 50-250mm lens borrowed from my SIL for a month around that time.  That was one…..very sharp…..lens.

The images in this post were made by the 18-200mm lens I bought about 3 months after buying my first Canon DSLR and 100mm macro lens in late December 2010.   I found out very quickly that the Royal Botanic Gardens near where I lived (and worked for 16 years) was extremely windy and macro shots were better made on a windless (or near windless) day.

I did a lot of online research and reading and finally bought the 18-200mm lens as a great all-around replacement for the macro lens in less-than-perfect conditions.  Note: that lens died in 2015 from sheer overwork.

THIS WAS A CROPPED landscape-sized shot but looks the same angle as the previous image.

Today I found 3 images of the Prickly Hibiscus Creeper (Hibiscus surattensis L.) to share.

(Note: I was actually looking for the beautiful Hibiscus Insularis images.  One, in particular, was a random very lucky shot and very special.  All lost in the ‘mists of time’, or as you computer nerds might say, lost in a computer crash). 

I think it was arout 2012 that I first bought a Mac Pro computer and became an Apple convert (from Windows).  Maybe I lost images then?