ARTICHOKE THISTLE, cardoon (Cynara cardunculus)

This is one of those random posts that pop up occasionally purely and simply because the images turned out well and exactly how I wanted them to appear.

Having a fence to sit the camera on was a bonus.  (or should I say actually having a camera in my bag after an appointment was a bonus as I rarely take a camera out shopping or for medical appointments these days).   When I lived on the southeast side of the city, I always took my 3 cameras out for a walk as I inevitably walked around, through or near the Royal Botanic Gardens or beautiful old residential gardens on that side of the city.

The Artichoke Thistle as it’s often called is a very stout perennial, up to 1.5 metres high with striking purple flowers.

I was walking down my steep road on the way home when the bright flowers caught my eye.

It is declared a noxious weed in Victoria (my state), Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.   The leaves are very large and I was pleased to be able to lean over the black metal fence separating the enormous grass-covered field and my housing estate and capture the lovely purple flowers.