WINDMILL GRASS (Chloris truncata)

There is not a sprig of grass that shoots uninteresting to me.

Thomas Jefferson

I find grasses much more interesting than flowers (most of the time) and the most interesting one I’ve come across (so far) is Windmill Grass (Chloris truncata).

It is a native species which is frequent in grassland and open, dry, forest country from South Australia through to Queensland.

The one and only photo I’ve got was a wee bit too busy for my liking, but when I went back a week later to try and get a better shot, the grass was gone.  Mown down by Les the Grasscutter with his old tractor and flail.

I’ve never seen it again in that area next to the path or any other location for that matter.

WINDMILL GRASS (Chloris truncate) – 22nd JANUARY 2018